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Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Attorneys at the Grossman Law Offices have been zealously fighting for the rights of individuals who’ve experienced work injuries for 40+ years.

When an employee is exposed to toxic chemicals or harmful substances at work, a wide range of respiratory illnesses or lung injuries may occur. Sometimes this exposure happens over a long period of time or it takes a long period of time for the illness or injury to develop. For these reasons, it may be difficult to link the two when applying for Workers Compensation Benefits. These extremely complex cases require the skilled legal assistance of a Workers Compensation Lung Injury Lawyer or Respiratory Illness Attorney.

As one of Woodlands Hills’ most respected Workers Compensation Law Firms, our Respiratory Illness Lawyer and Lung Injury Attorney have the skills and experience needed to help prove your injury was job-related in order for you to qualify for those much-needed Workers Compensation Benefits.

Call a Workers Compensation Lung Injury Attorney at (800) 462-5555 and arrange for a free case analysis in our Woodland Hills office. Our experienced Workers Compensation Respiratory Illness Lawyer will review your Workers Compensation Benefits Claim along with medical records and other documents. We will also take a thorough medical history in order to craft a strong strategy linking your lung injury or respiratory illness to your work environment and activities.

Workplace Lung & Respiratory Illness Lawyer in Woodland Hills

Workers Compensation Lung Injury Lawyers and Respiratory Illness Attorneys at the Grossman Law Offices have provided successful legal representation to injured clients who have a wide range of job-related Respiratory Illnesses and Lung Diseases, including: Woodland Hills Respiratory Illness Attorney

Secondary health conditions are common among clients with Lung Injury or Respiratory Illnesses. Most of these conditions have an elevated death rate. If you’ve experienced a Lung Injury or Respiratory Illness due to a work environment, you’ll need a skilled and experienced Workers Compensation Respiratory Illness Attorney or Lung Injury Lawyer to handle your Workers Compensation Benefits Claim.

These cases are complex because Lung Injuries and Respiratory Illnesses may take years to develop and diagnose. Our skilled Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Respiratory Illness Lawyers and Lung Injury Attorneys are experienced with these complexities and routinely work with experts who are prepared to testify on the origin of your illness or disease.

In addition, our highly qualified Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Lung Injury Lawyers thoroughly review the details of your case to evaluate whether a third party may be liable for your condition. For example, the company that manufactures hazardous chemicals may be held liable for a workers injury. If appropriate, our Personal Injury Attorneys may bring a Personal Injury action or Lawsuit against those third-party vendors in cases where the dangerous substance led to a client’s illness.

Free Consultation with a Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Attorney

If you or any of your loved ones have been diagnosed with a job-related respiratory illness or lung disease, please add your information to our Workers Compensation Case Evaluation Form. A Lung Injury Attorney and Respiratory Illness Lawyer at the Grossman Law Offices will contact you and offer a full review of your case.

For immediate answers to your legal questions, call a Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Attorney today at (800) 462-5555. You will be able to meet with a knowledgeable Woodland Hills Workers Compensation Respiratory Illness Lawyer or Lung Injury Attorney who will work diligently to help you obtain the highest possible benefits allowable by law.

Since 1972, the Grossman Law Firm has helped injured clients in Woodland Hills and surrounding regions with their Workers Compensation Benefits Claims.

Woodland Hills Lung and Respiratory Illness Attorney


“Thank you to Paul for providing great legal support, during one of the most stressful and troubling times in my life. You were very professional, patient, and efficient in managing to produce the most favorable outcome in my personal injury case. Thank you.” – A Personal Injury Client

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